Workshop Anastasia Yiannacou /Baladi




Place: SILTA-KAMPUS, Kankaantaankatu 4, Nokia, FINLAND
Time: 18:35-20:00

Anastasia Yiannacou


Baladi oriental refers to the style of music and dance originating from the Middle East, particularly Egypt. This workshop aims to explore the rich cultural heritage and artistic expression found in baladi oriental.

During the workshop, we will cover various aspects related to baladi oriental, including:

Introduction to Baladi Oriental: We will provide an overview of the history, origin, and cultural significance of baladi oriental. We’ll discuss the characteristics of this style, its evolution over time, and its impact on Middle Eastern music and dance.

Musical Elements: We will explore the musical components that define baladi oriental. This will include discussions on rhythmic patterns, melodic structures, instrumentation, and the use of traditional Middle Eastern scales.
Dance Techniques: Baladi oriental is closely intertwined with dance, and we will delve into the specific techniques and movements associated with this style. We’ll cover the body posture, isolations, shimmies, undulations, and expressive gestures that are essential to baladi oriental dance.

During the workshop, we will focus on the specific choreography that I performed with Orquestra Al Kamar. This choreography embodies the essence of baladi oriental text and provides an opportunity for participants to experience and learn from a professional performance piece.


50€/1 workshop


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